Undergraduate Teaching Internship Program

The Department of Communication offers teaching internships to outstanding Junior or Senior undergraduates to assist instructors in a variety of our courses. The nature of the intern’s work varies with the type of course. In performance courses, interns frequently provide demonstration performances, work individually with students outside of class, critique video playbacks with the students, and give some brief lectures. In other kinds of classes, interns may conduct in-class exercises, consult with students on research projects, and/or give lectures.

Duties are equivalent to the amount of work required for a typical three-hour course. The supervising instructor and intern agree on duties and course policy compliance prior to the student enrolling in the program.

Restrictions on Duties: Interns may not grade the work of other undergraduates. Interns may not be left in charge of a course in the absence of the instructor. Interns should not be asked to perform primarily clerical tasks, though it is perfectly appropriate for such tasks to constitute part of their duties.

Credit: Interns receive three hours credit in CMN204. The supervising instructor assigns the grade.

Qualifications for the Program: To be accepted, students need to satisfy four qualifications:

  • 3.0 overall G.P.A.
  • 3.5 G.P.A. in courses taken in CMN (No minimum number of courses required)
  • Junior or Senior standing (students do not need to be majors)
  • Outstanding work in the course in which they intern (with signature of endorsing instructor).

Application Procedure: Instructors may invite students to intern and should inform interested students of the requirements for the program. Students may also initiate the application procedure, but need an instructor to endorse their application.

Contact: Grace Giorgio at giorgio@illinois.edu

Link to Application Form

Second Internships: Second internships are approved only when the hours earned go beyond those needed for graduation. Hours are then taken as an independent study.