The major is designed to give students the critical tools they need to assume careers in both the public and private sectors (business, law, politics, health care, media, advocacy and nonprofit organizations, and so on). A Communication major develops in students a broad and deep critical awareness of the role of communication in building and sustaining a wide range of important relations in personal and corporate life. Students will develop analytical skills, research abilities, and proficiency in interpreting, writing, and speaking about communication, media, and culture.

In sum, a Communication major prepares students to become critical thinkers, avid consumers of information, and effective problem solvers in the 21st century in both their personal and professional lives. Communication is an appropriate major for:

  • students seeking a general liberal arts education;
  • students preparing for professional study in human resources, law, medicine, or business;
  • students preparing for graduate work in areas such as communication, media, policy, and cultural studies;
  • students preparing for careers in many different fields involving communication skills (for example, business management, sales, public relations, media-related fields, human resources, consulting, politics, and the like).


What can you do with a degree in Communication?


Careers in Business and Industry

  • Business manager
  • Speech writer
  • Opinion researcher
  • Customer service representative
  • Communication consultant
  • Director of communication
  • Training and development specialist
  • Special events planner and coordinator
  • Pharmaceutical salesperson.

Careers in Media, Marketing, and Advertising

  • Account executive

  • Marketing specialist
  • Media buyer
  • Media relations specialist
  • Booking agent
  • Communications Director

Careers in Government and Education

  • Press secretary
  • Public affairs specialist
  • News bureau writer or editor
  • Publication copywriter
  • Community affairs specialist
  • University professor


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