Examines the processes of human interaction. Interpersonal communication occurs in many contexts (e.g., among coworkers, between friends, within families). It can happen in face-to-face interactions or interactions mediated through communication technologies.




CMN 213 Small Group Communication CMN 230 Intro to Interpersonal Comm CMN 232 Intro to Intercultural Comm
CMN 260 Intro to Health Communication CMN 321 Strategies of Persuasion CMN 323 Argumentation
CMN 336 Family Communication CMN 338 Relationships and Technology CMN 357 Intro to Conversation Analysis
CMN 368 Sexual Communication CMN 413 Adv Small Group Communication CMN 421 Persuasion Theory and Research
CMN 432 Gender Communication CMN 435 Adv Interpersonal Comm CMN 437 Comm in Personal Relationships
CMN 462 Interpersonal Health Comm