Rhetoric and Public Discourse



Explores the ways in which people create public communities. It occurs in a variety of social settings and concerns itself with the creation of social truths, the kinds of values and beliefs that are developed by public advocates and used to guide social and political decisions.

Faculty in this area: J. David Cisneros Cara Finnegan Scott Jacobs Robert McChesney John Murphy Ned O'Gorman David Tewskbury


CMN 210 Public Comm in Everyday Life CMN 220 Communicating Public Policy   CMN 250 Social Movement Communication
CMN 310 The Rhetorical Tradition CMN 320 Controversy in Public Policy CMN 321 Strategies of Persuasion
CMN 323 Argumentation CMN 325 Politics and the Media CMN 326 Mass Media and Audience
CMN 340 Visual Politics CMN 345 Visual Media Effects CMN 370 Political Economy of Comm
CMN 415 Classical Rhetorics CMN 416 Early Modern Rhetorics CMN 417 Contemporary Rhetorics
CMN 421 Persuasion Theory and Research CMN 423 Rhetorical Criticism CMN 424 Campaigning to Win
CMN 450 Gender and Rhetoric CMN 464 Health Comm Campaigns CMN 476 Commercialism and the Public