Communication and Organizations



Examines the varied communication processes that underlie organizing. Organizing occurs in many forms (e.g., coordination of paid and volunteer work, ad hoc organizing among first responders in an emergency, the formation of professional standards).

Faculty in this area: Will Barley, John Lammers, Scott Poole, Trina Wright-Dixon



CMN 211 Business Communication CMN 212 Intro to Organizational Comm CMN 213 Small Group Communication
CMN 215 Interviewing CMN 232 Intro to Intercultural Comm CMN 280 Comm Technology and Society
CMN 312 Communicating for Innovation CMN 323 Argumentation CMN 370 Political Economy of Comm
CMN 377 Public Relations and Propaganda CMN 410 Workplace Comm Technology CMN 411 Org Communication Assessment
CMN 412 Adv Organizational Comm CMN 413 Advanced Small Group Comm CMN 463 Organizational Health Comm
CMN 464 Health Comm Campaigns CMN 476 Commercialism and the Public