Communication and Culture



Examines human interaction as always grounded in cultural contexts. Cultural dimensions of communication can be approached by the in-depth study of particular contexts, by comparison of different contexts, or by examination of what happens when participants from different backgrounds interact.

Faculty in this area: J. David Cisneros Scott Jacobs Michèle Koven Inger Stole


CMN 232 Intro to Intercultural Communication CMN 250 Social Movement Communication CMN 275 Media, Money, and Power
CMN 280 Comm Technology and Society CMN 320 Comm Controversy Public Policy CMN 326 Mass Media and the Audience
CMN 357 Intro to Conversation Analysis CMN 361 Oral Narrative: Social Use of Story CMN 375 Popular Media and Culture
CMN 429 Race and the Mass Media CMN 432 Gender and Language CMN 450 Gender and Rhetoric