What does it mean to be a Communication Leader?

Communication Leaders have the opportunity to share our ideas and responsibilities with other students in the department , as well as have the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff on a regular basis. Leaders do everything from forming committees to get a project done for the department to hosting events that all majors can attend. Our events help students become more involved with the Communication major so that they can get the full benefit of our exceptional Communication department.  Some of our leaders have provided their insights about what it means to them to be part of the Communication Leaders.

  • "I've greatly enjoyed closely working with faculty through the communication leaders. It has given me a chance to get to know professors and gain greater exposure to the field of communication in academia."  - Sara, Communication Leaders President
  • “Being a Communication Leader is something to be proud of because it acknowledges your exceptional performance as an undergraduate of Communication studies and sets you apart from others who study the field." - Hanna, Communication Leader
  • “What the Communication Leaders do is absolutely important.  Our events help to bring students from the major together, get information about the major to prospective Communication students, and form a more cohesive overall department."  - Kristen, Communication Leader