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Rita Mannelli ('01)

Being a Communication major opens doors for many future career paths, whether it is in a corporate, nonprofit, international, or educational setting. Rita Mannelli sat down with us during her tenure as the Director of Marketing and Communications at DePaul University School of Music. Her communication education has landed her a great position dealing with several aspects of communication including marketing plans and promotions. She is now the Executive Director for the Nazareth Arts Center at Nazareth College. To learn about what she thinks is the number one thing to do as a student in the University of Illinois Department of Communication, check out her alumni spotlight!


1. What are the responsibilities in your current position?

I currently work as the Director of Marketing and Communications at DePaul University School of Music. I am responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the marketing and communications plan for the School of Music. I promote the school and its degree programs, concerts, workshops and mater classes to our audiences through print publications, the school’s website and social media.

2. In what ways do you use your communication education in your career?

As a Speech Communication major, I learned how to communicate clearly and effectively. I learned to think critically and to work collaboratively with a team. I use these skills everyday in my career and in my life.

3. What was the best class you took in the communication department and why?

I loved my Gender and Communication course. We had fantastic discussions in that class!

4. What did you enjoy about being a Communication major at the University of Illinois?

I loved the faculty! I had wonderful professors who were amazing teachers and great mentors.

5. What advice do you have for undergraduate students who are majoring or minoring in communication?

Take classes that interest you and get to know your professors. Ask questions, be involved in discussions and have fun!