Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Minimum required major course work equates to a minimum of 37 hours of Communication courses.

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

At least 15 hours of the required 37 hours in Communication must be at the 300 level or above.

Twelve hours of 300- or 400-level courses in the major must be taken on this campus.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours

Departmental distinction: Superior students are encouraged to consult the departmental honors adviser about requirements and opportunities for participation in the departmental honors program.


Course   Hours
CMN 101 Public Speaking 1 3
or CMN 112 Oral & Written Comm II
CMN 102

Introduction to Communication

Communication Courses: Students will select an option (A or B) and a specialization (if Option B is chosen) in consultation with an undergraduate advisor in Communication. 30

OPTION A: Students who wish a general course of study will take at least one course from five of the following six areas and the remaining hours will be selected in consultation with an advisor.


OPTION B: Students who choose to concentrate within an area must take four courses from one of the six areas listed below and the remaining hours will be selected in consultation with an advisor. Students may complete more than one specialization by completing four courses in each area desired; however, individual courses may not be counted toward more than one specialization.

Special topics courses (CMN 199CMN 396, or CMN 496) may count toward a specialization with the approval of an advisor; however, CMN 199CMN 390CMN 491, and CMN 493 taken as independent studies may not count toward the four required courses for a specialization.  
Approved lists of courses within these areas are available from the Communication academic advisor:  

Communication and Culture


Communication and Health


Communication and Organizations


Interpersonal Communication


Mediated Communication and Technology


Rhetoric and Public Communication

Total Hours 37

CMN 111 is a prerequisite for CMN 112.  Credit in CMN 111 will not count towards the minimum of 37 hours of Communication courses required for the major.

For more information, please refer to the Illinois Academic Catalog.