Award recognizes Greenwalt's work addressing healthcare needs

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recently named Communication alumni Nancy Greenwalt (BA '89) a recipient of the 2017 LAS Humanitarian Award. Greenwalt has dedicated her career to bringing healthcare to those in need, and she says that her communication classes first opened her eyes to using corporate messaging to address the challenges facing society. 

In her interview with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Greenwalt describes the profound effect this coursework had on her vocational goals.


“I thought, oh my goodness, this is powerful,” Greenwalt said. “Public relations, marketing, and communication are so powerful that they shouldn’t just be for industries. They should also be for the common good.”

More than 20 years later, Greenwalt has played a pivotal role in organizations that have brought healthcare to underserved communities, and have helped advocate for healthcare needs of many residents of Illinois.

To read more about Ms. Greenwalt's work and, click here.

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