David Tewksbury

 David Tewksbury

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2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448
702 S Wright Street
Urbana IL 61801
Executive Associate Dean, Professor
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Research Description

Professor Tewksbury conducts research examining the role of the news media in democratic systems. One strand of his research concerns how news media construct the meaning of issues in their reports and how audiences understand and respond to issue frames. Another line of research examines how news audiences select news content in the contemporary media environment. Both strands explore the normative implications of news creation and consumption for the functioning of democratic systems.


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1996
  • M.A., University of Southern California, 1992
  • B.A., Occidental College, 1985


  • CMN 277: Intro to Mediated Communication
  • CMN 529: News and Politics

Selected Publications


Photo of publication
Tewksbury, David, and Jason Rittenberg News on the internet: Information and citizenship in the 21st century New York, NY Oxford University Press 2012.

Journal Articles

Hurley, Ryan J, Julius M Riles, Angeline Sangalang, and David Tewksbury Framing cancer for online news: Implications for popular perceptions of cancer Journal of Communication 65 2015, p. 1018-1040.
Tewksbury, David, and Julius Matthew Riles Polarization as a function of citizen predispositions and exposure to news on the internet Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 59 3 2015, p. 381-398.
Hurley, Ryan, and David Tewksbury News aggregation and content differences in online cancer news Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media 56 1 2012, p. 132-149.

Book Contributions

Tewksbury, David, and Julius M Riles Framing in an interactive news environment Doing news framing analysis 2: Empirical and theoretical perspectives Framing in an interactive news environment New York Routledge 2018.
Althaus, Scott L, and David Tewksbury Do we still need media use measures at all? Improving public opinion surveys: Interdisciplinary innovation and the American national election studies edited by John Aldrich, edited by Kathleen McGraw. Do we still need media use measures at all? Edited by John Aldrich, Edited by Kathleen McGraw, Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press 2012, p. 158-174.

Encyclopedia Entries

Moy, Patricia, Eike Mark Rinke, and David Tewksbury Agenda-Setting, Priming, and Framing The International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy Hoboken, NJ Wiley 2016.