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Thomas M Conley

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Contact Information

3001 Lincoln Hall
702 S. Wright Street
Urbana, IL 61801
Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

The history of rhetorical theory, with particular attention to Classical Greek rhetorics, the medieval Greek (Byzantine) tradition, and the Renaissance reception of Classical theory, with a special emphasis on developments in Central and Eastern Europe; Kenneth Burke; the place of style in rhetorical invention and criticism.


Ph.D., University of Chicago

Highlighted Publications

Journal Articles

Conley, T. "Cicero hunnicus: Miklós Oláh's Eloquent Attila." Rhetorica, vol. 24, 2006, p. 275-301.

Conley, T. "Rummaging in Walz's attic: Two Anonymous Opuscula in Rhetores graeci." Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies, vol. 46, 2006, p. 101-122.