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Lisa Guntzviller

Associate Professor


Lisa Guntzviller is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Guntzviller has broad interests in interpersonal, family, and health communication, mainly with underserved populations (e.g., low-income, minority). Her research focuses on language brokering: when bilingual (English- and Spanish-speaking) children/adolescents linguistically and culturally mediate for their primarily Spanish-speaking mothers. She also studies social support processes, particularly in the context of giving advice, such as parent-to-child advice on health issues. Additionally, she has also published on patient-provider communication when the patient has communication difficulties (e.g., low English proficiency, low health literacy). Her research has often utilizes dyadic data and employs a multiple goals framework.

Research Interests

Interpersonal Communication
Health Communication
Social Support


B.A., 2007, Communication & Mathematics, Aquinas College
M.A., 2009, Communication, Purdue University
Ph.D., 2013, Communication, Purdue University

Awards and Honors

2014 Interpersonal Communication Division's Outstanding Dissertation Award (ICA)
2019 Distinguished Promotion Award, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost
2013 College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Dissertation Award (College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University)

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Communication

Recent Publications

Guntzviller, L. M., Pulido, M. D., Kelpinski, L. F., Makos, S., Rollins, D. D., Zenzola, N. V., & Babu, S. (2023). An extension of advice response theory over time. Human Communication Research, Article hqad017. Advance online publication.

Liao, D., Kelpinski, L. F., & Guntzviller, L. M. (2023). Using Normative Rhetorical Theory to Identify Dilemmas and Responses in Internal Medicine Patient-Provider Communication. Health communication, 38(8), 1581-1590.

Guntzviller, L. M., Ratcliff, C. L., & Pusateri, K. B. (2021). Expanding Advice Response Theory by Incorporating Goal Inference: College Students’ Perceptions of Parental Exercise Advice. Communication Theory, 31(3), 336-359.

Guntzviller, L. M., Pulido, M. D., Liao, D., & Butkowski, C. P. (2020). Advisor Interaction Goals and Verbal Messages: Merging a Multiple Goals Approach and the Integrated Model of Advice Giving. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 39(3), 292-317.

Guntzviller, L. M., Liao, D., Pulido, M. D., Butkowski, C. P., & Campbell, A. D. (2020). Extending advice response theory to the advisor: Similarities, differences, and partner-effects in advisor and recipient advice evaluations. Communication Monographs, 87(1), 114-135.

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