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Charee M. Thompson

Profile picture for Charee M. Thompson

Contact Information

4002 Lincoln Hall
702 South Wright St
M/C 456
Urbana, IL 61801
Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • interpersonal and health communication
  • patient-provider communication
  • uncertainty, stigma, contested illness, illness work

Research Description

I study health communication in personal and patient-provider relationships, specifically focusing on the role uncertainty plays in how people understand health. My research illuminates two perspectives: individuals’ understandings of their own health and individuals’ understandings of others’ health. My first line of research examines how people in personal relationships navigate illness uncertainty and uncertain illnesses, primarily those conditions such as mental illness and chronic pain that are not visible and not well understood. My second research area involves improving health care through educational trainings for medical students and physicians centered on uncertainty management, including implicit bias. 


University of Texas at Austin, Communication, Ph.D.
Arizona State University, Communication, B.A., M.A.

Courses Taught

CMN 462: Interpersonal Health Communication

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Communication
Associate Professor, Biomedical and Translational Sciences

Recent Publications

Adamson, B., Thompson, C. M., Makos, S., Pool, K., Liechty, T., Chiu, C. Y., Woo, M., & Rice, L. (2024). What happens post-pilot testing? A model for revising a disability awareness and competency training program. Disability and Health Journal, Article 101612. Advance online publication.

Thompson, C. M., Taniguchi-Dorios, E., & Reid, T. (2024). Further examination of the support quandary hypothesis: a weekly diary study of how uncertainty both motivates and challenges supporting close others with mental illness. Human Communication Research, 50(1), 95-107. Article hqad032.

Caban, S., Makos, S., & Thompson, C. M. (2023). The Role of Interpersonal Communication in Mental Health Literacy Interventions for Young People: A Theoretical Review. Health communication, 38(13), 2818-2832.

Kerr, A. M., Thompson, C. M., Stewart, C. A., & Rakowsky, A. (2023). “I Want Them to Still Trust Me with Their Child’s Care”: A Longitudinal Study of Pediatric Residents’ Reactions to and Communication with Parents about Medical Uncertainty across Residency. Health communication, 38(5), 1054-1064.

Taniguchi-Dorios, E., Thompson, C. M., & Reid, T. (2023). Testing a Model of Disclosure, Perceived Support Quality, and Well-Being in the College Student Mental Illness Context: A Weekly Diary Study. Health communication, 38(11), 2516-2526.

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